Are Refugees Really a Threat to Americans?

Here’s a sampling of things more likely to kill Americans than refugees: (1) white supremacists and other right wing extremists, who account for the vast majority of all terrorist attacks in the US; (2) second hand smoke (41,000 deaths annually); (3) alcohol-related car crashes (10,000 deaths annually); (4) gunshot (33,000 deaths annually); (5) husbands/male partners (1,600 deaths annually); (6) medical errors (250,000 deaths annually); (7) overdose or other unintentional poisoning (22,000 deaths annually), (8) child abuse or neglect (1,600 deaths annually); and (9) bicycle accidents (over 800 deaths annually). As noted in the Washington Post, in 2016 Americans were more likely to be shot by a toddler with a gun than by a refugee. None of the 9/11 terrorists were refugees, nor were the killers in the Orlando nightclub and Boston Marathon massacres. Refugees, like immigrants more generally, also have consistently lower rates of non-terrorism related crime than native born Americans.

Storyteller, scientist, therapist, rock climber. Writes about mindfulness, war & mental health, & the vagaries of science. More @

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